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Search Engine Optimization helps people find you!

Having a website is just the first step in the digital world!  SEO is the gas in the tank & the wind in the sail.  Without it, your website will never rank and get noticed by search engines such as Google.

SEO is complicated for sure.  And it’s not an exact science – even thought some claim to know the secrets.  SEO is a consistent grind and effort, when done correctly, will pay off in more business, more clients and more leads.

We can also help you navigate your business listing on Google and gather critical data


How does it work

SEO can be complicated and hard to understand.  But it’s really important and should not be overlooked.  SEO will help your website get noticed by search engines, who then return information about your business and website to those looking for services you provide or products you sell.

The design and information is strategically placed for highest results

Depending on your location, we optimize the design and content with search engines in mind

We use plugins to configure your site and track your rank

WordPress is the standard for websites.  we utilize the latest technology & AI

In the digital world, you rank for certain keywords

Keywords are unique to your business.  We’ll help you rank for the right ones

Getting indexed and Google Analytics 4 integration is a must

Google indexing and analytics will put you on the map and help manage marketing strategies.

Backlinks point back to your site building your authority

Backlinks help Google see you as trusted and authentic

Continuous helpful content is key to ranking higher

We write all of your content and post the latest for you

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Got Questions?  We have answers

Without SEO, you’re starting a business without letting anyone know about it.  Solid Search Engine Optimization, over time, will help you rank for certain keywords.  When you rank for those keywords, you will appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).  Otherwise, you can have a really nice website, but it will never serve it’s purpose.

When a website is finalized, we submit it for indexing.  This is Google’s way of crawling your website to learn about it’s purpose.  Once you’re indexed, Google knows you’re there and will continually crawl your site for updates.  Over time, SEO will build a solid reputation for your site and convince Google that you’re the best response to your future customer/client’s search.

Simply put, backlinks are links to your website from other websites.  The more backlinks you have, specifically from other trusted sites, the more authority Google will give you.  With more Domain Authority (DM), the more wind in your sail and the better you rank for your specific keywords.

There is no magic bullet, no shortcuts to SEO.  It takes time and effort.  And the competition you have for certain keywords is a huge factor.  You must out manuever other websites to rank for the same keyword, and that takes time.  Not only that, your website will need to consistently have new content to help rank over time.


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We can manage for you

Website management requires skill and know how.  We can help you achieve your business goals through hands on maintenance, updates, Google Business Profile support, SEO and tech support.  That includes monthly hosting, security and backup of your website.

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